Golden Hum

This brilliant site for sound design studio Golden Hum blurs the video to place emphasis on the audio. And we always love an instructive cursor.


ARC Production

An extremely paired back site with some subtle touches beyond the mouse move branding, check out the relationship between the back button and the image.

Sasha Ng

Elegant and playful site by designer, developer and Hong Konger Sasha Ng

Timesheets Magazine

Breaking barriers in this set of interviews with creatives across London and Berlin

Daniel Sannwald

Deep scroll in to this 3D interstellar portfolio for Daniel Sannwald

Timetable Records

Stretch and twist around this fluid textural site for Timetable Records.

Audio Drag

Like thumbing though the record create, explore this sonic portfolio though the medium of drag and drop.

Super Error Works

A portfolio printed via this riso simulator, the site for Supper Super Error is a playful take on their medium.


Visit on your phone to contribute to this user-generated 3D music video.

Lucy Ives

Love the retro design of this site for writer Lucy Ives. Nice attention to detail with the button presses and typography.

Another Code Project

An experimental, terminal-esque, type-to-navigate interface on this portfolio site.

Cellar Door

Control the pitch and speed of techno label Cellar Door's first release. Sound on!


A brilliant browser game that combines a drawing tool with a generative and reactive physics engine

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