Manuel Moreno

Bathe in the beautifully subtle repeating nav motif of Manuel Moreno


iiii Magazine

Love the instructional mouseovers and transitions on this site for independent arts and culture publication, iiii Magazine.

Carlos Zorromono

Pan around the large scale works of Carlos Zorrmono

Karl-Luis Vossbeck

Abstract geometric hover states in keeping with the artwork on show.

Dexter Navy

A next level collage and portfolio with a sense of charged hedonism.


Scroll though the back story of the Cxema events with this site full interactions that nod to rhythm and the experience of being at nights like this.

rr dialogues

A rotative nav for rotative research also including an expanding header and multi column scrolling.

Urbane Küste Ruhr

A treasure trove of variable font interaction combined with subtle blurring and parallax.


A site with its own aurora, the navigation for the the portfolio of director duo Jason Sondock and Simon Davis is a beautifully playful interaction.

Juul Hondius

An interesting take on the horizontal split where the user starts in the middle of the page from Juul Hondius.

Tall Buildings

A great microsite that sets up an architectural symposium about vertical city-building.

Craig Jackson

Procrastinate away with this mini-game on Craig Jackson’s revamped site.

Canopy Films

Enjoy exploring the site index of production house Canopy Films through seamless transitions from thumbnail to video and a playful rotorelief identity.

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