Studio Augmenta

The flashing image loading screen and a conservative use of transitions throughout give this site a super clean feel.


Global Studio

Love the animated blobby text on this site for art director duo Julien and Antoine.

David Penuela

A hover and reveal purely typography site for David Penuela.

Rhombus Press

Rhombus Press uses the form of its names shape for navigation and scroll direction.

Google Fonts + 한국어

A playfull font preview from google fonts including x-rays, repetition and blurring.

A Year of Conscious Practice

Bold colours and clean text with in page ref points and a charming scroll distance indicator.

Publication Studio

3D rotating menu with a blurred filter grid make this light and airy shop for Publication Studio.

Manon Wertenbroek

Splitting, Squashing and Sliding images can all be found on the portfolio of Manon Wertenbroek.

The Entire World

Slide though the pages full of subtle interactions using a centralised menu module on The Entire World.

Typografisk Teremin

An interactive exploration into variable font technology.

William Richardson

Drag and drop your way though the portfolio of William Richardson on this exportable artboard tool.

Ezekiel Aquino

Great little portfolio with a touch of generative needlework on project images.

Wrong Studio

A very modest and beautifully crafted portfolio.

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