Greg Roque

The playful home of comedian Greg Roque full of spotlights, fidget spinners and other TV references view with the sound on.


Victoria Jones

Expand and contract the images on the portfolio of knitwear designer Victoria Jones

Sacha Maric

Mousemove and playful navigation animation are used to make the simple and charming portfolio of Sacha Maric


A lovely rollover and reveal page for SOMMET Winter Salon of Contemporary Art.

Stéphane Elbaz

The game is rigged but you cannot lose if you don't play


An award-winning photographic essay on the age of the Anthropocene is now a bright, noisy and unmissable interactive experience.

Contra Journal

The new updated Contra journal site includes a playful typographic toy at the top, sticky side content and scroll back to index list from the article.

Ben West

Such a simple idea but the reversal of mouse and content makes for incredible browsing.

MacGuffin Magazine

The site for MacGuffin Magazine makes great use of video and drag galleries as well as giving layered editorial samples of the current issue.

Malone Chen

A split screen portfolio with a transition into project slideshow.

Kaj Jefferies

The portfolio site for Kaj Jefferies makes use of multi-directional scroll and smooth animated transitions.

Paul Rousteau

The website for Parisian photographer Paul Rousseau includes printers marks and colours bars that act as navigation and adapt to the contact.

SFMOMA Bathrooms

Take an elevator ride through the gorgeous bathroom spaces of San Francsico MOMA.

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