PART Architects

This website folds at the edges for architectural practice PART


Maximilien Pellegrini

Flick through projects and experiments side by side in this split-screen image gallery.


This New York based creative studio aim to make everything dazzling — that includes their portfolio website.

Apparat Tour

Such a great effect executed really well.

Fran Rios

Smooth browsing experience for Barcelona-based cinematographer Fran Rios. The instructional cursor is a nice touch.


Really nice, well-thought-out site for Toronto-based design studio 56.


Nice simple site for a community organised to question the current and future state of the web. Love the "drag to select location" functionality.

Simon Skatka Lindell

A portfolio with a fun playful wobble effect mimicking the balance of the work displayed on the site.


Unravel the text on this biz card site for HAHA with its playful type toy.

Lemoyne Project

A simple devision toy creates a impactful landing page on this site for Lemoyne Project.


Using the medium of the festival to produce an aesthetic. The site for BIM18 uses moving image and freeze frames to create the backgrounds.


A clean and simple site with several playful twists from a draggable sidebar that reveals extra hidden information to a physics toy on the about page.

Каскад. Проект как метод

Scroll the paged environment of Каскад.

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