An expanding typographic menu for jewellery company Schmuque


Nosaj Thing

A looping scroll with spinning 3D elements for American music producer Nosaj Thing.

Miriam Holzapfel

A subtitle type warp on rollover and references images that zoom on hover


A slow scroll in to the distance, full of bouncy animation and primary colours.


A playful and intuitive search and filtering system


A site filled with subtle interactions that nod towards the filmic identity of Phelan.

A School, A Park

A site where typographic treatment and rollovers go hand in hand

Typefaces of The Temporary State

A auto-typing, multi size font preview website with some playful twists.

Laura Prim

A progression of projects from the portfolio of Laura Prim with considered controls and simple but effective idea.

Besides the idea of a microsite for your collaboration projects being and interesting idea in its own right this subdomain of Jen Lu's site is full of some lovely interactions and type animations.

Dictionary Of Online Behavior

A 3D archive of social behaviour on the internet filled with great sound effects and pop-ing animation.

Ricardo Bofill

An architecture site full of some great features from expanding draws full of extra content to map and list views for the projects.

Little Fragments

A stretchy, squashy portfolio with an emphasis on responsive design.

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