Interactive flyer using moody webgl graphics for first season of events titled ∄ by Bureau Cool.



A subtle yet beautiful textural site playing with depth and typography for the emergence show.


A slick and tidy portfolio with looping horizontal scrolls for HPLA.

Jeronimus van Pelt

A beautiful pace throughout this dreamscape of a portfolio for Jeronimus van Pelt with blurry cross fades and subtle type animations.

Lynne Carty

A living amorphous venn of projects creating a charming way of viewing and categorising for Lynne Carty.

Fat Studio

Warp your way through this site for F.A.T with a WebGL twist

Pink Trombone

Pink Trombone is an Interactive articulatory speech synthesis game. Get a hands on education of how speech is formed.


Captcha as navigation for the new studio School.

Point In Passing

Algorithmic life built in to the portfolio of generative designers Point In Passing.

Broken Spaces Are More Likely

This site documents an ongoing performance project by Elias Kurth, linking images to your scroll with an energetic twist.

Oversize Studio

Stretch and warp type on this landing page for Oversize Studio


Multidisciplinary design studio WKSHPS plays with your sense of focus, using blurry thumbnails as an index.


delve deeper in the mindset of REVISION though expanding panels and lists.

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