Posted at 6 Apr 2016

Seven Questions for Julian Garnier

The Paris-based designer on his 3D jungle photo frames for Kenzo and the glory of screenshots. Photo by Stéphane Bal.

Who are you?

I’m a web developer/designer based in Paris. I started making websites and animations with Flash in the early 2000s. That helped me to get my first job right after high school, in an agency located in my hometown.

After that, I quickly got into HTML, CSS and Javascript, and moved to Paris to work as a UI designer and front-­end developer for different companies and startups.

In 2013 I made a web app for creating 3D things in CSS called Tridiv. I’m now doing freelance work full time.

What are you working on or experimenting with at the moment?

I’ve been working a lot with Kenzo recently, and we've just released these new CSS 3D jungle photo frames.

Aside from client work, I test and experiment with a simple Javascript animation library that I wrote and have used in my latest projects.

It’s really interesting to try new ways of doing animation, while adapting the library’s API to fit my needs. It still needs some work, but I hope to open-source it soon.

What do you have on your desktop?

Screenshots. Screenshots. Screenshots.

What are the last three sites in your browser history?

Name three apps you currently can’t live without.

  • Sketch
  • Google Chrome DevTools
  • Miitomo

Describe yourself in three GIFs.


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