Posted at 24 Feb 2016

Seven Questions for Joris Rigerl of Work&Co

In the first of our new series, we put seven questions to Brooklyn-based designer Joris Rigerl. Photo by Calvin Teoh.

Who are you?

I’m a designer originally from Austria. I got my start as a freelancer in my hometown of Graz, where I eventually joined Les Avignons collective and produced my best-known work. Although I’ve worked in a bunch of different domains, including print and motion design, I quickly found that interactive design was really my strongest discipline and it's where I’ve eventually placed my focus.

Last year, I turned my life upside down and made the move from Austria to New York, and from freelance to full-time at Work&Co, a digital agency in Brooklyn. Here I continue to work on digital products, but generally on a bigger scale and to a larger audience than I was used to as a freelancer.

What are you working on or experimenting with at the moment?

Aside from the day-to-day at Work&Co, I’m currently thinking about starting a small online magazine about mentorship in the creative industries, as well as a couple of small ideas that could improve my workflow. I’ve been wanting to learn some backend coding for a while to make those ideas real, but I’ve been too lazy to really get into it lately. I figure if I start talking about those projects more, I might peer-pressure myself into making them happen, so let’s see.

I’m also really excited about experimenting more with 3D again, just because my workflow ends up being more experimental. Being accustomed to working in regular layouting software has seen my process become pretty streamlined. I’ve found that switching over to 3D helps loosen it up a little and makes it easier to come up with fresh ideas.

What do you have on your desktop?

Nine folders, three PDFs, one RTF file, one spreadsheet, one image, one Sketch file and one alias.

I like to keep my desktop pretty clean, but it naturally clutters up with working files, receipts and other random stuff. Every time I have to present work, I make a folder named after the current month, and throw everything on the desktop in there, so the monthly folders make up most of my desktop.

What are the last three sites in your browser history?

Name three apps you currently can’t live without.

  • Tweetbot
  • Peach
  • Grailed

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