Posted at 4 May 2016

Seven Questions for Elodie Fabbri

French designer and art director Elodie Fabbri on combining human emotions with technology, Future Corp and her path from Paris to London.

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Elodie, a French designer and art director working in London. After a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Illkirch-Graffenstaden (near Strasbourg) I decided to specialise in digital design. I learnt how to do a website in Flash. Already back then I liked to photograph or film my content to bring my layouts to life; I got addicted.

After that I felt I needed a year of wandering, so I went to a university in Rennes, where we were free to choose to work on our own subject. I dedicated my year to the digital interpretation of the 'Map of Tendre'. The result was a mix of data that triggered videos. I'm interested in combining human emotions with technology.

I also had the opportunity to do an internship at Palais de Tokyo, in Paris. I helped the webmaster Willy Carda to update the site and banners, but also to do signage for the exhibitions. I really liked meeting the artists and I discovered curation; how to carefully group artworks to tell a story—that was mind-blowing.

I went to Gobelins to learn how to tell a story in an interactive way. My goal was to work between art and technology. I learnt how to create meaningful experiences, conceptualising an idea to its completion and especially how to work in a team. While I was working part-time at Ogilvy One, I worked on the Louis Vuitton account, where I learnt art direction with Adrien Havet, Marga Bibiloni and Myriam Charvet; how to shoot a collection alongside photographers and later to integrate them in to a mini-website around a story. It was fantastic to renew every season the way we presented a collection, like for Mothers' Day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Then I moved to London and worked at Hi-res! I was really attracted to their disrupting work and their legacy. With Florian Schmitt, Alexandra Jugovic and Rachel Hunt I learnt how to create bold experiences but also to step out of the box in order to create unique and bespoke digital products.

I joined Future Corp eight months ago. I really like the idea of being non-conformist and always questioning design best practices to create innovative experiences.

What are you working on or experimenting with at the moment?

At the moment we’re really busy at Future Corp, working on client projects. But we recently took the time to work on improving the in-house process by making a Keynote in order to explain more clearly what we stand for and how we are trying to achieve it. Having time to put your process on paper makes it easier to communicate with clients. We're working really hard to give the best answer to the clients but also to try to stick to what we believe in.

We recently worked on a restaurant website ( where I was involved in the art direction for the photography. We also curated and edited Jazz videos to enhance the concept of 'fine dining and dancing’ of the place and to retain its atmosphere. I really appreciated being able to work on the content as well as the user interface. I think doing both at the same time creates a much stronger experience and a real emotional response.

Right now we’re working on a museum website. I cannot tell you much about it yet but it’s really exciting for me to be back working on a project with a strong focus on art.

When I have free time I like experimenting with textures, patterns and type. I have a Tumblr where I post some content; my friend Victor Coulon did the theme. I like using Vsco to post photographs that I use as a journal and also to collect my inspiration with Etienne Ledemay on

What do you have on your desktop?

Lately I've been working on a pitch; it’s an organised mess of screenshots.

Elodie Fabbri desktop

What are the last three sites in your browser history?

Name three apps you currently can’t live without.

  • Evernote
  • Spotify
  • Uber

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