Posted at 8 Jun 2016

Seven Questions for Brock Kenzler

The busy Brock Kenzler guides us through his portfolio, from penis-scrollbars to the modern-day Where's Wally.

Who are you?

I’m a digital designer from Brisbane, Australia.

I started my career in 2003 as a front-end developer. A few years later I got a better job and found my true calling as a designer. I survived a couple of mergers and wound up working in advertising. I really wanted to design apps so I ditched advertising and joined a design ventures studio called Josephmark, where you’ll still find me today.

Josephmark had amazingly just won the job of redesigning Myspace after Justin Timberlake bought it. Only a few weeks after I started I was off to LA for a month and working with the team in Beverly Hills. I went back and forth like that for nearly two years. It was a pretty game-changing experience.

I’ve been making silly digital products in my spare time for about four years. A lot of them are appropriations of user interfaces and internet culture. Amongst other things, I’ve turned a scrollbar into a penis, made a jigsaw puzzle out of app icons, visualised the number one million using LOLs, and simulated a celebrity’s flurry of Instagram notifications.

The one project of mine that’s really resonated with people is a web game called Emojis & Earth Porn, featured on Hover States a few weeks ago. I wanted to make a game without any programming. I worked out I could do that by using web pages as levels and clicking something on each page to level up. It’s been called the modern-day Where’s Wally which is pretty cool. I like to think it's brightened someone's day for a few seconds.

What are you working on or experimenting with at the moment?

At Josephmark, I’m working on an app and website called Hash. It’s a simple, visual way to catch up on the news. We’re only a few days away from launching the next phase.

One of my teammates is going to WWDC next week so I got some stickers printed up for Josephmark’s music discovery app, Undrtone. He’s going to hand them out like business cards. We're always trying to grow the Undrtone community.

Lately I’ve been playing around with Chrome Extensions in my spare time. I made one the other day called New Lab. I get a random photo of a Labrador every time I open a new tab.

What do you have on your desktop?

Computer: Screenshots, GIFs, totally legal copies of The Force Awakens, Keanu and The Brothers Grimsby.

Actual desktop: Bread, apple, banana, nuts, Rubik’s Cube, label maker, batteries, Apple TV remote, football, pen, ruler and notepad.

What are the last three sites in your browser history?

Name three apps you currently can't live without.

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Undrtone

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