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Seven Questions for Brock Kenzler

The busy Brock Kenzler guides us through his portfolio, from penis-scrollbars to the modern-day Where's Wally.

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1 Jun 2016

Seven Questions for Tracy Ma

A brief glimpse into the mind of Tracy Ma, Deputy Creative Director at Businessweek.

18 May 2016

Seven Questions for Toph Tucker

The Businessweek designer and developer elegantly flips our questions on their head! Plus: endless pasta. Photo by Evan Ortiz.

4 May 2016

Seven Questions for Elodie Fabbri

French designer and art director Elodie Fabbri on combining human emotions with technology, Future Corp and her path from Paris to London.

20 Apr 2016

Seven Questions for Stefan Endress

Inside the mind of an interactive art director and professional magician.

6 Apr 2016

Seven Questions for Julian Garnier

The Paris-based designer on his 3D jungle photo frames for Kenzo and the glory of screenshots. Photo by Stéphane Bal.

23 Mar 2016

Seven Questions for Laura Knoops

Thoughts from a Berlin-based designer exploring the crossroads of digital and print, video performance and textiles.

9 Mar 2016

Seven Questions for Daniel Powell

The London-based freelancer talks mixtape visualisers and the 'sweet spot' of user engagement.

24 Feb 2016

Seven Questions for Joris Rigerl of Work&Co

In the first of our new series, we put seven questions to Brooklyn-based designer Joris Rigerl. Photo by Calvin Teoh.

10 Feb 2016

Interview with Random Studio

We talked to Carsten Goertz of 20-strong collective Random Studio about future-minded retail and immersive fashion experiences.

27 Jan 2016

Interview with Convoy

Juan Costa Paz and Nordine Benotmane discuss the nonsense of separating online and offline design strategies, and why fashion needs to get over its moody traditions.

20 Jan 2016

Interview with This Also

The New York design studio talk pushing limits in the brave new world of mobile technology.

2 Dec 2015

Interview with Jake Dow-Smith

The founder of Dow-Smith Studio and master of tiny details tells us how his exploits in interactive design started with a Flash tour of his house at the age of 13.

18 Nov 2015

Louie Zeegen and Jon Bland

Copywriter Louie Zeegen and digital designer Jon Bland talk about making people laugh, making people upset, and making a book about penises.

4 Nov 2015

Interview with BONG International

Ben West and Simon Sweeney talk simultaneous coding and working when they’re not working.

21 Oct 2015

Interview with Cameron Askin

We spoke to the man behind Cameron's World, a web-nostalgia archive paying homage to the early graphics of the web.

7 Oct 2015

Interview with DTVK

Digital dream-team Kim Boutin and David Broner talk about their work for Kenzo and not being ‘proper’ designers.

22 Sep 2015

Interview with Olivier Gillaizeau (Stinkdigital)

Stinkdigital’s Olivier Gillaizeau sheds light on one of their big projects of 2015: Spotify’s Found Them First.

9 Sep 2015

Interview with Sennep

The London-based studio explain how making things for fun can ultimately feed into the best kind of client work.

26 Aug 2015

Interview with N.J.(LA)

The LA-based team of six express their love of California and excellent web design, which sometimes involves scaring the neighbours.

29 Jul 2015

Interview with Harris Blondman

Harry Bloch and Joris Landman tell us about their working relationship after meeting at a party in 2007, and having fun with stretchy type.

27 Jul 2015

Interview with Nate van der Ende

Hover States’ own Ruby specialist reveals his proudest achievements, his early love for GeoCities and his lucrative business in homemade mix CDs.

17 Jul 2015

Interview with Ezra Miller

The generative artist and prolific maker of beautiful things reflects on his experiments in painting with code.

15 Jul 2015

Interview with Tudor Prisăcariu

The Bucharest-based creative discusses his transition from coding to photography, and how the two eventually came together in his practice.

1 Jul 2015

Interview with Nick Reilly & Simon Rogers

The Kingston University alumni talk us through art directing and building their degree show site.