Posted at 23 Mar 2016

Seven Questions for Laura Knoops

Thoughts from a Berlin-based designer exploring the crossroads of digital and print, video performance and textiles.

Who are you?

Hi! I am a Berlin-based designer at the crossroads between digital and print graphics, video performance and textile design. I was born in 1989 in Amiens, France, from Belgian parents. After graduating in Graphic Design from ÉSAAT Roubaix, in Visual Communications from ESAA Duperré and ESAIG Estienne in Paris, I studied Fashion and Branding at the AMFI in Amsterdam.

I landed in Berlin three years ago and am now catering for the needs of clients from all over Europe and beyond, including Germany, France, Switzerland, UK and Australia. I took advantage of my varied experiences to mix disciplines and blur the lines between different artistic fields. I play with and use a wide range of tools and softwares to expose the computer technology that underpins my everyday digital work.

What are you working on or experimenting with at the moment?

I am experimenting prototyping softwares, taming the digital evolution of the tools that will shape our future product landscape. I've just come back from France, where I met my teachers. I'm still surprised that the applied art schools haven’t updated their students with the current wave of software. This year I will hold my first workshop in an art school and I believe that we can mature this topic together with the students.

Since summer 2015, I’ve been involved in digital products as a UI designer within a technology company. I’ve been getting along with iOS and Android and digging into user experience. Over time, you get a new perspective which has an influence on your thinking. I am currently on the way to implementing a Berlin fashion and technology festival that's going to take place in September. We would like to use React Native to code the app and the website together with the same product and technology.

I don’t like to stick to one medium. Exploring several ones at the same time gives my practice the opportunity to have dialogue with itself, travelling from tools to shapes. It’s a bit like an on-going journey through tools and disciplines, which can nurture each other.

Besides that, I am shaping a new textile collection with a Swiss label. I'm printing on new fabrics and am curious to see the outcome. It’s going in an architectural direction and will be an exciting challenge. Many collaborations are on the go... Stay tuned!

What do you have on your desktop?

A ton of screenshots… that end up being part of my digital library: Knoops' reversed side—

What are the last three sites in your browser history?

Name three apps you currently can’t live without.

I have to confess, I have been living without any smartphones for two years. I gave in to pressure only when I started as a UI designer, as I figured that my colleagues might be worried about my skills with this dinosaur behaviour. So apps aren't one of my crucial needs. Yet.

Describe yourself in three GIFs.


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