Surveillance Index

A real page turner of a site with some particularly lovely scrolling descriptions.

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Medeina Musteikyte

We liked this sloping index page by Gerrit Rietveld Acedemie student Medeina Musteikyte.


Dear friend

Hover States favourite Dutch-Swiss duo wishing you a happy New Year with this optical typography experiment.


Timetable Records 2016 Round-up

Timetable Records was featured at the end of last year, but we couldn't resist sharing their 2016 round-up page which makes you play for the music.


Books On Graphic Design

Sometimes a simple execution of an idea is the most appropriate, and we think this project by Theo van Beurden is a great example.


Virgile Gunard

Smooth portfolio for french photographer, Virigle Gunard. The shifting colours on the UI and the loading state on the tags are super nice.


Portfolio for Martin Wecke

Nice showcase of german designer and developer Martin Wecke's work and experiments.


Connect the dots on Timo Becker's portfolio

A bit of interactive fun on this portfolio site for Berlin-based illustrator, Timo Becker.


Harvard Graduate School of Design

The Harvard GSD has crafted a really nice site with great details. It is a resource for projects and ideas coming out of the school, and as you would expect; great content.


Radio Garden

This project was a massive highlight for the end of 2016, so we would like to kick off 2017 with Radio Garden; a site that puts hundreds of stations from around the world together on one spinning globe.


Marlen Keller Photography

Titles crossing the Z line, flowing layout and horizontal slideshow presentation for Marlen Keller Photography.


Felix Plachtzik

This brutally simple portfolio strips back the traditional slideshow and adds a slight twist.


New Timetable Records

We featured their 'Coming Soon' holding page a while back, and they haven't failed to impress us with their full site. Especially love the interactive mixtape graphic at the end of the scroll.

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