Fons Hickmann m23

Somehow a unique twist on the expanding menu, we enjoyed this Berlin studio's portfolio very much.


Joel Nieminen

Playful photographers portfolio that makes great use of the time between changing pages.

Thomas Legrand

An elegant portfolio for this Parisian still-life photographer, which includes a cursor for getting closer to the detail.

Franziska Born

A lovely little detail image view on this portfolio site, a fitting interaction for a textile designer.

Year in Fashion

Make use of this awesome fashion playground Lyst have created and explore the clothes we all wore in 2017.

Annina Schepping

A handy slider adjusts the speed at which to dip into this portfolios work.

Dance Tonite

An experimental WebVR music video for LCD Soundsystem which involves making your way through a series of rooms and dance performances created by fans.

Just Type Stuff

Enter that flow state and be surprised at the sheer breadth of objects and effects Just Type Stuff recognizes.

Mood Ring

Totaly charming pseudo-3D menu (paper) and corresponding moue interaction for Mood Ring


A treasure trove of typographic tools, sliders and functional interactions

Studio Big Mistake

Layers upon layers of video, overlay filters and expanding content

Benjamin Muzzin

The portfolio of Benjamin Muzzin with its masked images and exploratory mouse interaction also includes some lovely and simple page loads.

Samsung Vector Education

A chat based micros site documenting a workshop for Samsung at Strelka Institute.

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