Popup Trombone

Simulate playing the trombone in this almost lifelike virtual experience.


Longform Editions

This minimalist website infinitely generates patterns set to immersive music pieces.

DICE Conference + Festival

Play around with this beautiful generative visual identity that responds to the speed of your scroll.


A three.js constellation representing a community of womxn, trans folk and non-binary 3D designers and animators.

Images and Words (2018-2019)

Project by Jack Loel documenting images and poetry in a minimal way with satisfying details.

Jan Bot

An impressive interaction from behind the scenes. Jan Bot creates experimental videos though computer vision and tagging.

Estragon Vision

This types specimen site packs a punch, including a draggable UI and generative videos.

Surf Club

A playful mouse tracking face with a super smooth wrapping of the text on scroll.

Landscape as Protagonist

Excellent typography and a unique side-scroll interaction make for a really engaging experience.

Modell Und Ruine

Loving the image layering, low-fi transitions and creeping vines on this site for a german Bauhaus festival.

Do not Draw a Penis

Moniker created this cheeky website to subvert the moral guidelines imposed by companies like Google. Maybe NFSW.

No Plans Show

No Plans are showing off their digital projects in this online exhibition that creates interesting textures out of video.

Jai Paul

Jai Paul is back with new music and a website (with excellent sound design) that allows for an untraditional shopping experience.

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