Ethics For Design

Super interesting interactive video element. Click and drag to resize different videos playing simultaneously.


Martian Flag Assembly

Martian flag assembly showcases seven flag proposals designed by artists around the world. Nice 3D renderings of the flags and smooth transitions in and out of the detailed view.

Malte Zenses

This super simple artist portfolio uses a sideways scroll and click and hold mechanism to show image captions.

Slavs And Tatars

Layering many strands of information and content, Slavs and Tatars utilise micro galleries slide in panels and full page transitions to great effect.


No transitions are the new transitions. Love the simplicity on this site for Madrid-based creative collective Naranjo-Etxeberria.

Heart Of Glass

An archive with lovely product explorations from ECAL’s Master Product Design programme.

Charlie Engman

A scroll and drop layering effect with some very playful loading icons for Charlie Engman.

Katie Grand

A bubbly portfolio site with lots of smooth animation and pill menu for Katie Grand.

Ideology Press

If you happened to be unsure as to what Ideology Press was, there's a big hint as you move your cursor. Love this.


There is much more to this site for Arche Paris but we're struggling to want to leave the main menu.

Marius Sunde

When you can't decide on a font... Some typographic goodness by Norway based designer/developer Marius Sunde.

David Gomez-Maestre

The quintessential minimal portfolio that allows the work to do the heavy lifting. Hard not to love this one.


Play with the anchor points of the new typeface by Raphaël Bastide with contributions by Wei Huang and Lucas Lebihan on this small one page toy.

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